Things I Did Today

In no particular order:

1) Discovered Manchild, the BBC's answer to Sex and the City, but with men. Equally self-absorbed, though deadly funny and British. It's like an older version of what the movie version of High Fidelity ought to have been (i.e. set in London, possibly with Nigel Havers doing the voice-overs).

2) Finished a draft of my House-of-Fame-is-utopian paper, then read two paragraphs in and realized that a definition of "utopian" would probably help.

2a) Made one.

3) Collected the last of my students' final exams, and, barring a few stragglers, will have grades up by Tuesday (for the first section) and Wednesday (for the second).

4) Started going through all the Libri legendi notecards I've made over the course of the semester (how did I get up to five this time?). If you don't keep lists of things you'd like to read, you're clearly not an academic. I think I'll be adding 50 or so volumes to the already 38-volume list.

5) Eyed the rest of Alan Bray's The Friend that I was thinking of finishing; watched Manchild instead (see #1).

. . . and that is all. Soon enough I'll be done and can relax properly.

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