Hiatus 2: Electric Boogaloo

Wow. I never thought a con post would end up producing more discussion than, say, anything I've said in the past year or so; I guess that shows what I know. That said, I'm going to officially put this blog on hiatus—not because of the comment stream, but because I've got written comps in 28 days (which means I need to go in hospital right now and wake up on the day of comps to discover that I'm Cillian Murphy). After comps I've got some encyclopedia entries to finish (nothing fancy; MKB is doing an encyclopedia of Graphic Novels and I said I'd help), and a lot of reading to do, and a theory chapter to begin.

I'll be back, oh, sometime around late November/early December, just in time for the annual complaint about my students' inability to grasp the simplest paper instructions. See you all then.

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Karma said...

Good luck on your comps!