"I know what I am, and what I may be if I choose . . ."

Two stories about House of Fame and my dissertation.

First of all, my transformation into a medievalist continues apace. I was reading the House the other day and reread the part where the narrator describes Josephus as "Him of secte Saturnyne" (1432). At this point, I briefly thought "Why Saturnine?" only to answer my own question with "Saturn is before Jove as Jews are before Christians." I then realized that by that logic, Jews are also gloomy, cold, and full of lead. I'm not saying I have all the symbolism down, but my basic ability to follow medieval symbolic logic is sound, so huzzah there.

Second, I am nearly done with my chapter on House of Fame; it lacks only an introduction and some poking and prodding before I feel safe to call it a draft. I've been spending a lot of time in the library, as it's easier to be free of distractions (like the internet), but it's been harder to get into lately because maintenance has been doing some surprise repairs to the front steps. Or at least I thought it was maintenance, until I walked out of the building yesterday and saw this:

That's right: Fama Construction Services. Our steps are being repaired by Lady Fame herself. I hope she doesn't replace them with ice; those names would melt even faster in our Southern heat.

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