Boot Camp, Day One: Basics of Teaching

Yesterday was the first day of TA orientation, and for me that meant meeting everyone briefly, then going to the Business college for the general orientation session. There were a few classes on things like ethics, learning styles and teaching tips, and for the most part they were really helpful; the biggest things I learned were that the first day isn't going to be all that bad, and that a well-thought out syllabus can really cover your ass. Then there was lunch, and another session in which Dr. Slattery introduced the department and then outlined how Comp I would go. Last night I spent writing up a syllabus (harder than you'd think, especially since you have to come up with a grading scale, attendance policy, weather policy, and academic dishonesty policy), and then did a little practice grading. I think I was also supposed to start looking for a story to assign the students for their first paper, which I'll do shortly.
[Edit]: I forgot to say that Dr. Quinn approves of my idea to look at vernacular culture in the Medieval Mystery play, and has now commanded me to go forth and find a mystery cycle to work on.
Not much to report aside from that. I'm feeling slightly better about teaching, but not by much.

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