Epistola Alexandri
(...I don't even have a little dog Toto...)
And so a new week begins. In celebration of this fact, I got up nice and early (5:30 or so), did some Tai Ch'i -- which I was glad to see the old body still remembered -- and did some reading. Pretty soon I'll head up to the office, get the Magtape that has Peter the Nibbler on it, do some serious printing, and then teach.

I finished a great book this weekend: Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt. It's an Alternate History set in a world in which the Black Death all but annihilated Europe, and history continues unabated as a conflict between the Dar-al-Islam, the various Chinese empires, the Sind between them, and a united front of Amerinds. It was one of those books when, upon reaching the end, you just kind of sit there in a glowing daze for a couple of hours, disappointed that the book has ended but so grateful for its existence in the first place. It comes highly recommended.

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