I ended yesterday with about an hour of reading Judith Butler's Gender Troubles. My initial impression of the book is that it seems to be aimed for an audience of, oh, American, WASP feminists in their mid-forties -- in short, a hall full of Judith Butlers. I wonder if all feminists write so densly, and with such incredibly charged and negative words like "phallogocentric" and "masculinist hieriarchies". Certainly Lynda doesn't; but then I haven't read any of her books, although by the way she lectures, it seems to me that she's beyond the sort of brutal male-bashing that seems to pervade Feminist literature. She disparaged the GT, at any rate.Nevertheless, once again I feel dirty for reading feminist work -- as though it's something I'm not supposed to be reading. So, as a counter to that, I read a few chapters in H. Rider Haggard's She -- the antidote to Feminism if ever there were one.

After a fitful sleep, in which I dreamed that the church had no holy of holies and they just sat around discussing the bible like a bunch of Quakers, I began the day with more coffee, and a few more sections of the introduction to the RB80. I also started out with a bit of Genesis, and the (ugh) genaeologies of St. Matthew[1], since I figure it's high time I sat down and read the Bible; it can only come in handy in this field.

Also, with it being Sunday, I'll be going to St. Paul's[2], up the road; it will be the first time in saecula since I've gone to services, and I'm a little nervous, but it'll be the big service, and I have a few friends there. Also, there'll be coffee, so I'm safe (wry grin). Blame it on the Benedictines, I guess, but I've been meaning to go to St. Paul's for a long time. Now I will. I've even dressed up for the occasion -- nothing swave and deboner, mind you, just a little dressier than I've been wearing. I'm moving towards more conservative clothing anyway, on account of the ol' profession coming up and all. Couldn't find any slacks, though. Damn, I guess it's day-old jeans.

[1]And Boarb begat Mishra, and Mishra begat Charles the Bald, who begat by means of a goat named Shelia-Louise the son of Likud...
[2]St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Yep, I'm going Anglican again.

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