Okay, so I spent five hours in the car on a three-hour journey, thanks to Mike "I'm the Guv-4-life" Huckabee and his Merry Pranksters. Dad and I almost went (back) to Subiaco, but I wasn't paying attention and the road's not well-marked coming down the Old Highway. There was dinner, and a consultation with a good friend who's having a bit of trouble, and whom I agreed, in my small way, to assist. Not much after that, really. I came home, started some clothes, and read my misdirected mail.

Been trying to get a copy of Windows XP, although I'm not really sure why -- 98 is doing fine, and I'm timorous to change, but it's nice to have an upgrade, and it's free-as-in-other-people's-beer, so what goes, goes.

We'll be going out to see Dad's family today, minus the grandparents, who are not coming for social reasons which I can't discuss here. Ahh... family.

I still miss someone; wherever she is, I hope she'll show up soon, because I'm tired of looking. Come back to us, Barbara Lewis Hare Krisna Beauregard.


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