Well, the ol' fambly dinner went all right; they're genuinly good folks, if a bit, well, uncouth. Naw, they're all right people. It was a fairly quiet affair, considering.

Went to see the Harry Potter movie. It wasn't the best cinema I've ever seen, and the ending just sucked, but the little scene after the credits was cute. Man, I'm telling you, Shirley Henderson was cute -- and as old as my parents, so no hopes there. The Burrow rocked, too -- it was like living with Grizz and Ana, only with more magic and everybody was redheaded.

My office will be Albus Dumbledore's office. I will own it.
I may dress like him, too. The eccentric part, though, I've got DOWN.

My dreams have been getting weird, and I'm still trying to deal with lonliness. Of all things, the Heloise-Abelard Letters are helping out.

"Who knows tomorrow where our home will be / But when I'm with you, that's home enough for me..."

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