Rose early, did the new usual morning thing, had some coffee, ran bloody out of milk. Went to Chaucer, had a rolliking good time listening to Quinn blather on about some tangent, not that I'm worried. He'll get us to the end or die trying. (Right now, it's a fifty-fifty bet)

Went to work, did bugger all, and didn't have any coffee I'm so happy; maybe I can be normal! Afterwards, I went to Medieval History, which was fairly typical in its aspect, and then tried to go buy some milk, but the damn quickie-mart is closed for repairs, and the other one didn't have any half-gallons (or instant mac & cheese, which I was going to buy to cover the taste of these terrible soy noodles -- also free, so no knocking).

Pretty quiet thereafter. I finished up tapes for Sharlene, did some work on the first Antipode story, and basically ignored the fact that I have to give a speech tomorrow, but hell, I've been doing that for weeks anyway, so why start now? I'll just get up there and be irrelevant for six minutes and then sit the hell down.

Emerald Rose is a good band, though they do get a little heavy-handed on the Neo-Paganism sometimes, which I found hard to stomach even when I was a neo-pagan.

I'm to bed. Expacete, vobe.

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