Eh. Nothing much to say here. Yesterday was quiet; we did the shopping and then went on to Oma & Opa's house for dinner. Matt & Jun were there. It was the usual quiet sort of evening typical of my grandfather's decline; he announced his intentions perhaps nine or ten times.

Today was about the same; mom's been cleaning house like mad for my Dad's Parents' arrival later on, and so when Dad needed to do something, I went / was made to go with him. Afterwards, mom taught at me how to do divinity, but it looks rather tricky, so I don't know when I'll do my own.

Why read about my life? It's pathetic enough. Go read Michael Kelley.

I promise I'll do something interesting just as soon as I can get up the courage to do so. You Future Generations, you're lucky I'm making any sort of record at all, let alone being entertaining in them. What do you people want, anyway, "Met a girl, and rodgered her twice?" This isn't Virginia, you know.


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