Behold! This is the first post of the New Year. I myself am doing well, thank you, and have much to speak of you. Foremost:
* I have completed For Whom The Bell Tolls, and found it good, if somewhat of an ending much confusing. Waiting is; grok will I later.
* Only this very day I bought an instrument cluster for the truck; it contains not only a new fucking spedometer -- the gear was fine, thank you -- but all the other instruments I was seeking, plus the proper circuitry and perhaps a few fewer burnt-out lights.
* I've seen all the fun holiday movies now, like The Two Towers and Star Trek: Nemesis. There is, however, one trailer for some disaster movie that includes the massive, electrical (and implausible) destruction of the Flavian Amphitheatre. WHY? Why must they destry mi amicitia cive? I cry every time.
* I bought Dante's Commedia in parallel editions, for less than £15, tax included.
* I went in the attic and found many of the books I'd been missing over the years, and my old stuffed cat, MewMew. He needs stuffing, and a good cleaning, and I'll put him on the couch, where he belongs. I'm going to be fucking buried with that cat.

I'm doing all right. I'll survive. You... you go ahead. (cough) Just let me peg one last sonuvabitch. I'll get him. You... (cough) you go on ahead. GO!

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