I still haven't really read the Phaedo, but I do have a plan now to do all my readings for the next week on the weekend prior, freeing up my weekdays to do whatever needs to be done. I'm also still disappointed with the Mullins library, who apparantly think it's funny to say they have a book on the shelves, when they only have it in the stacks, and won't put it on the shelves until it's too late. I'm bloody going to have to order several of these books.
I actually saw Colleen Platt yesterday, when Drew showed up with her at Stuart's 25th birthday party. The rumours seemed to be true then, because they acted like people act when they're orbiting each other nervously in their first public appearance after a breakup and reunion.

SWM, 21, slightly heavy, seeking wealthy late-20's early-thirties british dowager to sweep me off my feet and take me to England for the rest of my natural life. Please call IMperium-326

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