Not much to say, you know? It's been quiet. I did Latin, and the readings for Rome on Film (including the write-up of Cabiria), and have steadfastly ignored the Phaedo, a situation I'm hoping to rectify soon. I've also been working up a readings list for the Thesis, and while I haven't gotten around to doing any actual READING, that, I hope, will soon change.
On an unrelated note, I am HIGHLY diappointed with Mullins library. Those bastards are as empty as junkie's head, and about as with it.
At least I had today off. I did very little, mind you, but I had today off.
Drew said he talked to Colleen Platt, which surprised me, but only midly, and I don't think I gave him the proper surprise response, but I grinned in all the right places. Very... interesting. He also wants to start up a "Latin-for-German" programme, (sounds like something from the UN), which I will be pleased with, as it means that, if we are successful, I can avoid taking German from the school. Multo bene!

God's Phallus.

Made you look.

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