Oi Kalloi:

I did some work for SR yesterday, and got paid. Checking my email this morning, I discovered a pay statement from the University that was $50 more than I was expecting, and that my bill for said University was less than my scholarships and grants by $1200 or so. In other words, I'm fairly set for the term, kiddos.

Turns out that's pretty good, because I may be having to change out a damn transmission soon, and I've GOT to get an air-breather for the truck before I go up. Picture this: on a 250 horse 4L Straight-six, I've got an air-breather FIVE inches in diameter. FIVE. Also I think the carbourator is either dirty or just bad. It is a Chevy, though -- it takes five minutes in the winter to decide that it has a transmission, which means until the engine's sufficently warm, I have to wait to go anywhere. But it runs. Four wheels and a seat.

I'm looking forward to going back. I really am. I think of that tiny apartment as a greater home than this house, though this has served me for far many more years than the other. Still, my parents are getting ready to move, ta to kyne, so I suppose I'd BETTER like the damn apartment.

I recovered Carlos' artwork from O Oikos, and intend to frame it and place it about the flat in appropriate places. Then I shul compleat feel.

My heroes have ALWAYS been cowboys. Yours were probably accountants.

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