Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Christopher. I'm here in F'ville, safe, WITH THE TRUCK. It's eating oil like there's no embargo, and I got locked out of of it this morning and ended up prying my way in with a screwdriver (through the sliding glass windows -- God bless older trucks). I'm safe, sound, hale and well, and I've got food, and most of my stuff unpacked. The folks are here, and we'll go to church tomorrow... it's nice. I'm feeling good again.

Standing there on main street, across from Mr. Blues,
My faded leather jacket, my weathered brogan shoes.
A chill north wind is blowing and the spring is coming on,
and I wondered to myself just how long I had been gone.
Then I strolled across old main street
walked down a flight of stairs,
stepped into the hall and saw that all my friends were there,
a neon sign was flashing "Welcome, Come on in"
Feels so good, feeling good again.
-- Robert Earl Keen, Jr. "Feeling Good Again".

Ahh... I say, Katerina, this bath you've drawn for me is lovely, simply SPLENDED! Good show!

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