Ah... home sweet flat. Two bills and some music in the mail, cold as ice, and no food in the fridge. Lucky me the ol' parentales brought me up, and were willing to take me shopping, so that part got done.

Oh, yeah, getting ahead of myself here: the dinner with Mawmaw & PawPaw went fine; they're more interesting that I remember (but then I also remember being the quiet grandson in the corner with the book, not doing anything). Mawmaw was interested in my reason for buying a rosary, and I told her the truth: I was going to use it to pray. Of course, I didn't tell her I was going to use it to pray in a medieval sense, i.e. in bad Latin with a poentential bent, but hey, she didn't ask what kind of prayers I'd say....

Am I weird? Probably. Anyway, between there and here was of little consequence, except that I met a fine young wench and rodgered her twice.

(One... Two... Three...)

You don't belive that, do you?

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