I Fought in a War

Suppose we should do the whinging now and get it over with. I haven't heard from the realtors in two days, and while that isn't much considering they mail doesn't come on Sundays, it bothers me. I mean, I want certain things fixed up before I go (I've said this before, I know), and the fact that they won't be is infuriating. On that note, I had a dream last night (sound of thousands of people cheering) that I talked to Mark in the English office, and they offered to let me teach a section of 2003 (or something odd, like 2843) but for only $2800 a semester without fee remission. Brilliant, no?

Also, I've been kind of stuck on the latest story, and actually realised that I need to go back and rewrite a page or so of it, because as it stands the plot doesn't make sense.

I've been reading The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, and finding them quite enjoyable, unlike Mr. Joyce's Ulysses.

They Might Be Giants have a new album out called The Spine. It sounds rather much like a return to their indie-pop roots (and a turn away from their odd *waves fingers about* mainstream pop nonsense, e.g. "New York City" from Factory Showroom and the like).

Also, Brooke (who I haven't mentioned at all in this blog and who will continue to remain anonymous... er... sort of) casually mentioned a band called "Iron and Wine", and they're quite good as well.

Because I'm an idiot and forgot to buy tortillas, I went off and made "Mexican Pasties" last night, which actually turned out quite well. I may have to try the pasty thing again.

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