Pigs, Sheep and Wolves
or, how I learned to stop worrying and Love the Right.

Al-Qaeda 'targeting US election'

Al-Qaeda is aiming to attack the US to try to undermine the presidential election in November, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has warned.

Al-Qaeda is aiming to "disrupt our democratic process" -- so we'll do it for them. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Fascism works. The party in power lies to stay in power, trading security for freedom. If they get away with this, mark my words, we'll have 5% of the population in a standing army, a draft, and suspension of habeas corpus. It's coming.

I know this sounds paranoid, but these people are pulling shit like this right out front and nobody squeaks. Madison, Adams and Jefferson are rolling in their graves. We've got to do something about these people -- they're taking what's left of our country and making sure no-one else gets it. I mean, honestly, if Reagan wasn't obvious enough (actor in the White House? Shall we make it more plain?), then Nostro Duce and his spoonfeeding by the Compassionate Republicans is pretty well evident.

Consider, too, the Republican Party's knee-jerk reaction to Kerry's selection of Edwards as his running mate: they began at once to run him down. Is this the kind of leadership we want, that will focus on destroying its opponants rather than building its country? I don't think so.
While I'm thinking about it, this is the downfall of our civilization. "Oi! You fat fuck! Were you screwed over by your completely voluntary surgery? We'll get you money!"

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