"You try keeping your mind in a pair of Ravens."

Not much to report. Called the hospital yesterday, talked to Ana for a good half-hour. Grizz seems to be getting better by the second -- although that's to be expected, given that he's no longer got giant bone spurrs growing into his spine and muscles. She says they might go home either today or tomorrow, depending on how his "war wound" is doing.

I aim to get some writing done this morning, maybe dig more through Aristotle. I'll probably talk to some folks in the Eng Dept soon, see what's going on there, but mainly I'm going to watch the mail for the next couple of days. If I don't see anything from Faucette before Sunday, I'm giving them a call on Monday for sure. I've got to have that lease signed before I go.

Project Britannia timeline is moving along. It's been fun, getting these kinks ironed out.

Finally heard from Ross (waves to Ross), who hasn't disappeared, only gone quiet for the time being. Still waiting to hear from Carlos and Jason, the latter of whom we may have to write off entirely. Ah, well.

the wanker.

You don't too often see a Sunbeam any more.
You never see a Fuller Brush man, or a dinosaur.
The voice of reason rules with an iron fist.
Please forgive me if I'm not prepared to handle this.
James McMurtry, Fuller Brush Man

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