"If you could read my mind, love..."
(or, Too Much Lightfoot Makes the Baby Go Blind)

Not much to report today. Still too muggy to sleep properly, although I caught a nap this afternoon in the "Alpha Male of the House" Chair. I also worked through the first and second chapters of Aristotle's Politics, which I was supposed to have read for PLSC 3953, Ancient and Medieval Political Thought way back in the Fall of 2001. God, I was such a waste back then. I'm going to pretend the majority of the past, oh, twenty years haven't happened (except for occasional moments with my parents, Scout Camp, Ana and Grizz, and roughly 30% of college), for the simple fact that it wasn't until I was about 20 that I stopped being a wanker (metaphorically speaking).

Anyway, never mind that. Aristotle is surprisingly understandable this time around, and I may end up writing a
on the Origins and Causes
of Justice
in both Man and his esteem'd

I have to write to MOHELA to tell them I don't live in Little Rock anymore, and I have to talk to the University to get some official pronouncement of my Grad School status. I also have to talk to Faucette about a) getting a new lease for the fall and b) getting them to come and fix my ceiling before the winter (so I don't end up heating the entire outside world). Don't let me forget, okay?

I've got the number for Grizz at the Hospital and will probably call him tomorrow. Ana's blog posts are increasingly more optimistic, although she won't tell me what his surgery scar looks like (too squeamish) -- did the cut all the way around, did they make a grid, what? Ah well.

And then there's this sort of foppery:
"Caith Maighe Tiuradh" - The Second Battle of Moy Tura, when the Gaels fought the gods of Ireland, won, and relegated them to living in barrow mounds for the rest of eternity. This is something beyond simple atheism; to the atheist's "God is dead," the Gaels added "Because I killed the fooker." Whether this is a profound insight into the nature of the Divine, or just the whiskey talking, is hard to say... (-- Witchvox.org, "Sean Ciall")

Back to Aristotle!

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