The Tempest, or
"Blood, Gore, Guts, veins in m'teeth."
Well, the old bear came out of surgery all right, got a new spine and not near as much pain as he used to have.

Not much else to say. Had a rough night last night -- lots of heavy thunder & lightning, woke at about 2am to somebody calling for their cat (unless they hate me and were just calling "here pussy, pussy puss!" in a high-pitched voice through my window). Strange dreams, too: back at camp, I had to deal with moving in to a crummy tent with Eric Stewart, plus I lost my chance at "the most beautiful woman in the world". Ah, dreams... if only they made sense. Woke up to discover the wind had knocked my ginger plant down the steps, breaking the pot in the process; it gave me the excuse to repot the rosemary I'd bought last week, so something good happened. I finished sorting all my files, and most of my paperwork is in neat and tidy hanging folders which I will summarily ignore.

Started reading Henry V today, in tandem with the Tao Te Ching (we'll see how long that lasts). I also discovered a factoid (about Leibnitz of all people...) that will help cement the backstory for Telax Moral.

Finally, I am now a registered voter in Washington County, which means I can vote this fall and not have to drive 150 miles just to do it.

(PS: do not in any way shape or form give money to "Food for the Poor, Inc". While they purport to be a Christian-based needs organization for pitful looking children and starving kittens in the Carribean, they in fact seem to do little else besides beg for money in every print and electronic medium imaginable. I've gotten notes from them on average about one a month for the past two years, and I only gave them a one-time $250 donation.
If you want to give money to somebody worthwhile, give it to Heifer Project, Intl.)

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