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All right, so a couple of updates:

1) I got a letter (via my folks) from MOHELA again, this time letting me know that they know where my parents live, thus precluding me writing them a letter to that effect.

2) I called Faucette Properties to let them know I hadn't gotten a new lease yet. The lady on the other end said they were very short-handed, but she'd get that out to me asap.

3) No word from the English Dept yet; I'll go in on Monday and ask them if there's something more tangible about me being accepted in the MA program, i.e. paperwork or suchlike. I need that stuff for funding.

4) I founded a new nation. No, seriously. Go here.

Also, I realise that my earlier statements re "being a writer" may, in light of recent posts, be somewhat questionable, and rest assured that I agree with you. On the other hand, there's all this stuff, so judge as ye are wont. I did get another three-quarters of a page written today, but then got sidetracked by British Adverts from the 80's.

Finally, I made an apple pie. It is baking as I type. Mmm... pie.

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