Drew had a nice party last night, full of people I already knew, and a large majority of Geeks. At some point Stewart threw up a map of the US on Drew's board, and Rachel got mad, since she's from Michegan, and Stew had essientally left the entire state off. Then there was a big debate over regions, and the mason-dixon line, and that was when I came to the conclusion (probably for the second or third time, at least the second vocally -- Christ, Drew makes strong 'nog) that we were, in fact, a bunch of geeks. But it was fun, you know -- so many interesting people, many of whom I'd never seen before. Tom and I discussed brewing; I sampled his mead, and found it not at all lacking, unlike the Rocky Mountain Meadery crap which I paid £6.23 for.

Going home today; I washed dishes, pulled all the dirty clothes (except the ones I'm wearing), swept, and mopped. Still need to pack up plants, and books, and of course this very computer, but I've got another hour and a half.

Fredrick didn't like my bees site all that much; I've got his suggestions, and will probably update the site periodically in the interests of Academic Prurience. Eventually, I will SHOW them! I will SHOW THEM ALL! MWAHAHAHA!

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