Went to church on Sunday with th' folks and Gary Lee and Deborah Strack, and found it enjoyable, if somewhat odd. It turns out all the ritual (which I find myself enjoying more and more) that is part of the Anglican church was thrown out by St. Michael's. No wonder it never felt right: it wasn't. St. Peter's, in Conway, is good: foreshortened nave, wide transept, modern-altar-before-altar-like chancel screen, lots of appropriate (though not very traditional) stained glass. Sadly, the new church faces north-south, while the old church was oriented properly, i.e. east-west with the altar of St. Peter in the west. Some people -- well, I guess you can't expect much from highchurch protestant.

Fixed a lot of computers for Tim & Sharlene yesterday: Tim wanted the mouse and keyboard to work on his machine, and to replace Me with XP, which I did. Then he had this other, semi-faster machine for Sharlene, which I had to set up with 98, and copy over all her old files. Fun -- and I'm still not done with Sharlene's computer, since I can't get it to display more than 16 colours at 640x480. I'll dig up a patch.

Christmas eve, y'all. Yo.

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