Woot! After a few days of blur, here I is again. I bet you missed me, didn't you? Anyway, the important thing is, the website is coming along well, and I think I came out three points ahead on the Chaucer exam, which puts me at 215/200 for the exams, and then whatever he calls that "B" on the crappy paper I wrote, and I'm fairly certain I've got an "A" for the class. Keep your appendages crossed, though.

So, that's two A's fairly well set, and most likely a "B" in Georgics. I know I can get out of Comm with an "A", too; all that's left is to put my all into the paper for Coon, and that's tomorrow's party. Damn, that's going to be a rough ride, but if I take all day Saturday and part of Sunday to do it, I think I can swing it all right.

I ran out of money at the Writing Center, asked Payroll for more, and then worked two days solid and ran out of money again. I don't know if I'm going to ask again; I may just work for free, because I'm there. I don't really need the extra bucks... but that's a lie, actually. Hmm...

Finished the Sedaris book, and I'm going to take up the Lex Drueidis: For every book I buy and read, I must read two other books. That way, I'll clear out the excess of books which I already have by my bed. Likewise, I've started reading the Top 100 Books of the Twentieth Century, and I've added a rule to that that says the books may only come from Dickson Street Books, thereboy supporting both the local economy and my pocketbook.

I'm off and I'm leaving, too,

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