Hm. The past few days have been quiet. Saturday I did very little, aside from laundry, and the Saturnalia, which was nice. Went to church today, and the sermon (to which I can't link today) was very nice -- Father Simmons spoke in favour of "initiating a dialouge for the purpose of blessing Gay and Lesbian unions", and apparantly Bishop Maze is for such unions. It was rather amusing, actually: he (Father Simmons) said that he "had the approval of the Bishop", and all I could think was, "Yeah, but you don't have the approval of Williams, or of Lambeth, now do you?". I hope there's not a schisim over this, or there'll never be any peace.

Been ploughing through the ol' Plan of St. Gall in Brief, which as it turns out is little more than a bloody art exhibit, and as such rather useless with respect to history.

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