Yehaw! I know what's going to be on Quinn's test, and it's not as hard as I thought it would be. Good.

I began to build a website for Dave's final, but there's still the major snag of their being absolutly no images of beekeeping, bees, or Aristaios in the LIMC[1]. In fact, the bastards tend to leave things out, so I'll say, look up "Apis" and it'll say, "Isis, 31a, 33, 45", and -- by gosh -- those will be the ones it's missing. Funny, that.

Haven't done much for Coon's paper, either, although I just got a thesis and sent it to her; with luck, she'll like it and I can begin writing. In the meantime, man, dig those pretty pictures. Oooh... pretty.

[1] Lexicon Iconographicum Mythicae Classicae -- the Big Book of Ancient Images of Religious and Cultural Significance. It's nice, when it HAS WHAT YOU'RE FUCKING LOOKING FOR.

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