Well, the last few days have been slow. We did shopping on Thursday like a pack of rabid fools, and I spent well over a hundred dollars of my OWN money (Xmas money being saved for the truck, remember) on *ugh* clothes and music -- how teenybopper of me. Still, though, I got that live Robert Earl Keen album I've been wanting (the one with the good stories, like "Robert Keen! Robert Keen! Kin y'come hep me fo'minute!"), some Paolo Conte (The Italian Tom Waits), and that Kristin Chenoweth, whom I liked hearing on the radio.

Dad and I will be going out today, hopefully to buy and replace the radiator on my truck. When I called yesterday, everything was fine until I asked the guy if he had the coolant tubes for an automatic, and he looked at me (over the phone) like I was an idiot and said "What?" I brushed him off, but dug out the Chilton's manual and -- sure enough -- there's a set of turbes running from the transmission to the top and bottom of the radiator. Those tubes are the KEY TO EVERYTHING.


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