Wow. Okay, so the snow did nothing to our lives, save that speech was lacking with respect to its teacher. No sweat off my nose; I'm done in that class, excepting the final, which is all bookbased.

So, for that matter, is Quinn's Chaucer final, which I really need to know better, so come Thurday, I'm schlepping the Big Book of Chaucer up the hill (because I have to work) and I'm not going home until I've read all the stories I need to know, or until the Writing Center closes, one of the two.

Dave scheduled two more classes of Latin, one next Wednesday and then the following Friday. This on the heels of a test (which I have to take before Wednesday -- don't let me forget, guys!), another test before the following Wednesday, and a website for him. I've about got the topic of the website down, but we'll see.

The Indefatigable M has assigned us a rather interesting paper, for which I sacrificed ten quid and an hour of my life to steal -- by which I mean copy -- the (ahem) *fabulous* Plan of St. Gall in Brief, an oversized monstrosity but ultimately worth it. Some day I'll condense it into double-sided pages, and have some nice fellow bind it, so I can put it on the shelves of my office and say, "Oh, yes, I got that ages ago, when I was an undergrad. Copied it myself. By hand."

Heh. Undergrads belive anything you tell them.

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